Disappointing Night For TVR.

To say that all the drivers at Team Vosbergen Racing were disappointed with the results over the weekend at the Perth Motorplex would be an understatement.

It wasn’t a happy team afterwards, but that’s what can happen when you set the bar high like they do at TVR. Visiting American driver Doug Drown finished third overall and won the last race of the night’s program, but he too was unhappy with that result.

“We were able to borrow Bert’s back up engine (after blowing his primary unit the previous weekend) the power it has doesn;t suit a track track that was produced last Saturday night, the heaviest conditions i have ever witnessed.

I was surprised with the track in the final, I ran it in high and thought we would tip or break something as we expected it to be slick like it was at the Nationals.”

He went on to say “I guess it keeps all the drivers on their toes when it’s not consistent like that. We ended on a high note but Team Vosbergen tore a little bit of stuff up. The panels are still on my car so all we have to do is get all the mud off and we will be keen to go.”

Craig Vosbergen agreed that it wasn’t they’re best night either. “It wasn’t the best night for anyone really, the drivers or the spectators” he said after the meeting. “The track was close to un-raceable really from a driver’s perspective. The only time I got hold of the surface was when I went down on the bike track to be honest. Those conditions suit some guys but it didn’t suit us. After what we have been dished up this season it was unexpected. It usually comes better during the night, but tonight it just didn’t.”

Elder statesman Bert Vosbergen was the least impressed with the track surface. “That track was a bloody disgrace. I had a Mud Eater that got filled in for two of the races and I had to stop driving because I couldn’t see. I can feel they (the Motorplex) can do a better effort than that as the professional organization that they are, that really was terrible.”

It wasn’t the way TVR wanted to finish their commitments at the Kwinana Beach complex, but as they say that’s racing and will be looking forward to their final three nights of racing, the first of this weekend at Bunbury Speedway. It see’s all three heading to Bunbury for the Topless Nationals, where they get the opportunity to take off their roofs and race a full length feature event at the southwest clay way.

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