Doug Drown To Race In Australia

Wooster, OH --- Even though the 2007 racing season isn’t over yet dirt Late Model star Doug Drown, 25, of Wooster, OH, is already looking ahead. A regular on the MACS series, Drown will be heading ‘down under’
in January to race dirt Late Models in Australia as part of Craig Vosbergen’s Team Vosbergen. Drown, currently a fourth in MACS points, will race a Rocket Chassis in several major Australian dirt Late Model special events. Vosbergen, who has traveled stateside the past two years to compete out of Drown’s shop, is returning the favor.

“The trip came about as the second part of Craig coming over here last year and this year,” explained Drown. “We kind of had a deal of sort that if we got everything ready for him to race over here and me allowing him to use my car last year, then in return they would help me get to race over there. I am going to be going over for what I believe are the Australia National Championship and the State Championship.
There will also be another bigger show that I will be racing in as part of TVR (Team Vosbergen Racing).”

“My thoughts on going over are open I guess, I don't really have any expectations since I have never even seen any of the tracks except through photos. I know I have gotten better in the US about going to a track for the first time and getting the hang of it, but from what Craig has told me there surfaces are pretty different so I will just have to wait and see once I get there.”

The two were brought together last season through their respective marketing representatives, Doc Lehman of Lehman Motorsports Services in the USA and Brian ‘Bear’ Chalmers of BCM Motorsports Marketing in Australia. “I would say me and Doug are good mates, we are continuously in touch,” stated Vosbergen. “With Doug working night shifts he is on the same time zone as us so it works out pretty good when we talk. And maybe it keeps him from falling asleep at work (laughs)?”

Vosbergen is as excited about Drown coming down as the MACS driver is.
“Firstly Doug has become a good friend of mine since me coming to the USA in October of 2006 and this past July of ‘07 to race for Doug Drown Racing and we would like to see this as an ongoing reciprocal deal between Team Vosbergen Racing and Doug Drown Racing.”

“Secondly, having spent more time watching Doug race he is a great talent and presents himself well and looks after his race equipment so he is an ideal driver to bring down under and promote dirt late model racing in Australia and fly the USA Flag.”

Drown will be competing on Saturday 19th January in the "West Australian Championship" at Northam Motorsports Speedway followed by a January
23-29 stint in the "Australian Late Model Nationals" at Perth Motorplex before racing in the "Kalgoorlie Fireball" at Kalgoorlie International Raceway on Saturday 2nd February.

Drown will be driving the RACIN Tyres & Accessories Rocket House Car dressed up in the Doug Drown Racing #12 Plum Crazy" colors powered by a 415ci Kendrick Race Engine with Hoosier Racing Tires and Genesis Racing Shocks.

Vosbergen’s expectations for Drown are optimistic. “I'm sure Doug will do very well over here as he is very adaptable to heavy and slick conditions and races with the best drivers around week in and week out,”
commented Vosbergen. “He is in a familiar Rocket Chassis and from experience we have gained by me racing Doug's cars we both know we can drive with similar setups so my setup notes for the venues we are going to race at should be helpful to Doug. Although I'm sure Doug will fit into my seat easier than I fit into his (laughs)! So expect to see the Purple #12 at the pointy of the field.”

Drown was asked about his goals once he reaches the shores of western Australia. “Every time I race no matter where it is my goal is to first make the race, once and if that is accomplished then I always hope for a top five in the main event or feature,” responded Drown. “I feel that I will be in a car very close to my own so I shouldn't have to take time trying to adapt to an unfamiliar car or equipment. So I guess my goal would to be as competitive as possible since everything else besides the car will be unfamiliar like the format and surfaces and such.”

“I will be driving the car that Craig is going to be starting the season out in which is a Rocket Chassis similar age wise to mine. We are currently getting his car ready then that he will drive, which is DJ Miller’s Rocket car that Craig purchased a few weeks ago from him and then we will ship in over in time for him to get everything ready for both of us to race.”

“Both Doug and myself are looking forward to hooking up again and I'm sure he will love it here down under,” added Vosbergen. “If he wins some races then it's going to be a bonus. We are already talking about my next visit to the USA in mid-2008 hopefully for another four-week stint with Doug Drown Racing.”

Back stateside Drown only has a few more weeks of racing to go including finishing up the MACS season in addition to running in some other selected events like the Dirt Track World Championship at KC Raceway in a few weeks.

So far during 2007 Drown has scored six wins including three at Hilltop Speedway in Millersburg, OH, the Big Four Series race at Lakeville Speedway in Lakeville, OH, an early season event at Skyline Speedway in Stewart, OH and just a couple weeks ago his career first MACS victory at Portsmouth Raceway Park in Portsmouth, OH.

Drown drives the Wooster Glass Co., Mason Racin, Bert Transmissions, Genesis Racing Shocks, Hoosier Tire-Mid Atlantic, Hyperco, Wrisco, Farr Motorsports, Slavic Custom Shirts & Decals, Lehman Motorsports Services sponsored Rocket Chassis/Malcuit Racing Engines #12.

Although no stranger to the MACS tour, his return to the series has been more than welcomed by MACS management. “Doug has been honing his skills for the past several seasons since first running full-time with the Series during 2003 season,” said Jeff Geesey, Race Coordinator of MACS.
“It is becoming apparent to me and others that his career is blossoming right before our eyes and he is a rising star in the sport”.

“Doug’s mission has been purposeful and focused on growth. He continues to improve and his efforts are starting to pay dividends. At least $5,000 this a couple weekends ago claiming his biggest career win.
Doug’s ability level continues to climb and this is just the first of many big wins to come”.

Crewing for Doug Drown Racing in 2007 is co-owner Jeff Drown, crew chief Scott Delaney, Dan Drown, Jim Boreman, Scott Drown, Shane Hites, Ken Moser, Jason Flinner, Steve Hershberger.

“I just want to thank my crew for doing such a great job, especially Scott and Steve for sticking with me each and every week this year, it takes a lot to take several months out of a year to go racing but both of them have been great this year and I wouldn't be able to do compete like we are without there help,” commented Drown. “Also want to thank all my sponsors and family for their support!”

For more information on Doug Drown visit his website at: For more information on Craig Vosbergen visit his website at:
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Doug Drown Racing would like to acknowledge their 2007 supporters:* Wooster Glass Co., Mason Racin, Bert Transmissions, Malcuit Racing Engines, Genesis Racing Shocks, Hoosier Tire-Mid Atlantic, Wrisco Prefinished Aluminum, Hyperco, Lehman Motorsports Services, Rocket Chassis, Farr Motorsports & Slavic Custom Shirts & Decals