TVR fired up for a cracker at Manjimup.

He’s been looking forward to this one all year, and to say TVR driver Craig Vosbergen is excited is an understatement.

“It’s been a long time since we last raced a Late Model at Manji, 2001 if I remember correctly, and we had a pretty good night. It’s also the place I won my state title in Super Sedans so I do have fond memories of racing there” he said.

“It’s a good track where you can race 2 or three wide, and it’s fast. It’s the kind of place where you really have to get up on the wheel and race hard. Plus I like the format for this weekend.”

And that format sees two qualifying heats and a final over 50 laps. It’s these longer races Craig enjoys the most. “These longer races give you time to get going, settle in to a rhythm and you have to keep the car straight or you aren’t going to finish. We have been chasing a set up for our Worldwide Machinery #8 this year, experimenting with tyres, trying different things, otherwise you become stagnant and I think we have a handle on those things which will help us for such a long final.”

“And did I say the place is fast. They had some demonstration laps done at a meeting last year with Mark Matthews and the Noakes Brothers and they hit 160kph down the straights. I like it like that” he said with a smile.

He also talked about the crowds, where the people really enjoy the racing too. “The country tracks provide a different atmosphere than Kwinana, so it makes it more enjoyable to do the miles when you get a reception like that.”

Team mate Bert has been burning the midnight oil to perform repairs and changes to his Worldwide Machinery #4 Rocket for this Saturday night. He has been on the phone to the USA to talk to the guys form Rocket to help make these changes, and hopefully we will see this wily veteran run out the fifty lap final at the front of this challenging event.

The Firecracker 50 – A tough event for a tough team, and TVR will be there to take on the best the LMRA can offer this Saturday night.

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